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10 Best Burgers in Southern California
California's Cattle Country
Favorite Cars
Prado Dam Mural
20 Years of Neglect

10 Best Burger Places
California's Cattle Country
My Favorite Cars

Avengers TV Show script Elmer Dills Hamburger Guide
The Manta Kit Car, one of my favorites

Avengers TV Show
Character Guide

Elmer Dill's Hamburger Guide
The Manta Kit Car
How to Build a Roadster

Dollar Shave Club
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This online magazine is all about the fun of travel.  Where to go, how to get there, what to eat and where to stay.  We also have a department focusing on the different kinds of architecture that were popular in the 50's, 60's, 70's and 1980's in Southern California.  Our Cartopia is a series of pages about cars, golf carts, design, our favorite cars and more.  Southern California was the nations leader in all things car culture.  From cars, to road trips, to road side attractions, to the best burger joints in town, to movies, actors, TV shows and more, just sit back and enjoy the adventure and entertainment as regular updates to this magazine are added on all the nostalgia you love.