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Global Road Trips About Us

We’re a web magazine that celebrates our rustic heritage while keeping one foot in
the past and the other in the future.

Global Road Trips connects you with articles on travel, food, entertainment and stories about a car culture that changed the world.

Along with our lists of: The Best Burgers in Southern California, Free Attractions in our Hidden L.A. series and Our Favorite Cars, we explore a time when we were closer to history and the natural world.  It was a time where you could talk with someone
who walked on the moon or witnessed Custers last stand in the same day.

The growing American car culture spilled over into Gas Stations, Eateries, Motels, Roadside Attractions and Drive Inns.  Unlike today, most of these icons were run by families with great stories to tell.

It’s our goal to connect you with wonderful experiences and stories that have original photos, images and content.  Using the power of the web.

Welcome to Global Road Trips Magazine